“Contact” by ATB is hitting the stores soon. Here is why I’m hyped up.

We are more or less 5 days away when ATB’s newest 2/3 CD album “Contact” hits the stores. An international star DJ blasting out amazing tunes for more than 15 years is ready to release it’s 9th studio album, and it looks like this time it’s going to be something special. Check out the album preview mini mix while I explain why.

Levels ok? ok. You see, I personally believe that during a career of successful producer, one is eventually bound to deviate from his own roots in a name of progress and evolution, innovation and fresh content. As much as there is nothing wrong with that, to the fanbase which has been nodding their heads off one of the very first ATB tunes the need for the original and time proven sound is becoming more and more evident. To me it sounds like Contact will be the album that is going to re-visit those roots more than other albums which came out after No Silence. It’s obvious that technically it won’t be the same is it was back then, but the emotional presentation is where you go like: “Yep, he’s back”.  Perhaps this feeling is why I’m really looking forward to the release date. Contact should be that missing, nostalgic connection to the past which Andre himself has created and that’s why I’m hyped up.

Take it easy.