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Top 10 Games I loved the most in 2013

Yeaaaaaaaaah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It’s this time of the year to list the best games of 2013 isn’t it? Ok I admit it’s a bit past due, but hey, nothing wrong setting that in stone right now. 2013 has been a great year for gaming. Not only there has been lots and lots of great games released, but we have also been blessed by the launch of the next generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft. I picked 10 games which I have enjoyed the most in 2013 and will list them here in descending order. Keep in mind though, that this list contains titles which were released before 2013. Then again, a great game is a great game and release year should not matter at all.

I can recommend all of the games in this list. They kept me busy playing them for considerable amount of time and met my expectations.

So here we go, my TOP10 starts right here. Let’s go!

Number 10 – Crazy Machines Elements

If you like the concept of Rube Goldberg machines, this one will most likely appeal to you a lot. Crazy Machines Elements provides a significant number of puzzles to solve, features a nice soundtrack and high quality graphics. It is also a very reasonably priced game, which means that you will get what you pay for and then some. Combine all that, and it truly deserves 10th position in the list.

Number 9 – Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 might not be the best one in the series, but I definitely enjoyed 40+ hours of playing it. It has a decent story, great OST, good characters and lots of replayability. The game might have deviated from it’s roots, but for one I did enjoy it a lot and will definitely pick it up some time again.

Number 8 – Saints Row: The Third

Wacky-ass open world action, gang fights, over-the top setting, great characters and cool story kept me playing this game for oh so long. Saints Row: The Third wraps you into it’s crazy world and just doesn’t let go. It’s original, it’s got unique personality to it, and it’s well worth to be number 8 on this list.

Number 7 – Driver San Francisco

There is no Denial that Ubisoft has paid a proper attention to the newest installment of Driver series. Driving all those different vehicles proved to be fun and entertaining, and even though it’s not a simulator type of a driving game, the mechanics of driving were something that I really loved. Offering a huge selection of cars and multitude of crazy challenges, as well as introducing the oh-so-fun shift mechanic to the game made me play it over and over again. The story is not something that this title can be proud of, and multiplayer is essentially dead, but it nails the most important part of the driving game – the driving, and that’s why it’s at honorable 7th position in my list.

Number 6 – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

At the time when it looked like that JRPG genre has ran out of any good titles to put on the table, Level5 studios have dropped one of the most amazing games that I ever played. It is the story and art that are absolutely fantastic. It is the great game mechanics and replayability that makes it so damn good. If you are an RPG fan, it’s a must have. If you are not an RPG fan, you might become one upon playing it. Art style of iconic Studio Ghibli ;soundtrack composed by Joe Hisaishi, Rei Kondoh and performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Top quality stuff.

Number 5 – Far Cry 3

This one is truly an amazing and insane game to play. An open world FPS with great story and mechanics – Far Cry 3 provides truly immerse experience featuring one of the best villains to EVER come in the video game. Extremely well balanced to tailor to your gameplay style, whether you are sneaky bastard or commando style player, Far Cry 3 is not to be missed. Oh did I mention that graphics are absolutely fantastic? And that there is co-op mode featuring separate story? In short, do not miss this one.

Number 4 – DmC Devil May Cry

There has been a lot of negative blabber going on about the new Dante and I am glad I have gave this game a try regardless. For a hack-and-slash type of title you are going to get so much action and style it will make you crazy. I think Ninja Theory really did almost everything about the game right: Story is not the best one out there but it has good momentum and flow. Soundtrack is absolutely BONKERS, and I couldn’t help but appreciate the badass vibes that Noisia and Combichrist provided for the game. Level design is gorgeous and most of all, the style and fun factor is over the top. Add great replayability, variety of weapons, crazy bosses to the list and it’s at the fourth place easily.

Number 3 – Borderlands 2

When this one was given away for free on my PS+ subscription, I did not expect much. I was so, so wrong. In 2 weeks this game was able to capture my full attention and I can’t wait to play more of it every day. SO MANY THINGS ARE DONE RIGHT ABOUT THIS ONE: It has a funny, engaging and interesting story, the characters are unique and done extremely good. Voice acting, art direction, soundtrack, millions of randomly generated guns, grenades, loot, side missions and online. All of that is so well done I’m concerned that this game would eventually end up in the 2nd or 1st place of this list had I played it through entirely. A good reminder for me to keep from “judging the book from it’s cover” and give it a chance. If you like FPSRPG genre, do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss this one. It’s a must have. I love you Gearbox.

Number 2 – Bioshock Infinite

The title that has turned me into HUGE Bioshock franchise fan right away. A love-hate relationship at first which came to conclude as one of the most emotionally engaging and challenging one. A story that spans 3 Bioshock titles altogether and the detail of everything that this game offers. I was blown away. It is extremely rare that a game franchise gets better and better over time, but Irrational Games have done it oh so well. When you watch the credits roll with your jaw on the ground and try to realise what just happened, and then replay the game to put all the pieces together, and then replay it again, you know you have played on of the best games this generation – and that is Bioshock Infinite. Nobody should miss out on this title.

Number 1 – Tomb Raider

There are so many emotions going through my head when I think about this game. Maybe it is because original Tomb Raider was one of the first games I have ever played. Maybe it is because of the danger, adventure and epic tombs to explore. When you look at the game cover and so many great memories rush into the head, you know you are dealing with a masterpiece. I have been waiting for a new Tomb Raider for so long and what we have got did not disappoint what-so-ever. Crystal Dynamics were put under huge responsibility when they started to work on Tomb Raider – you just cannot make a half-assed reboot of a franchise which has millions of fans all over the world. They have met and exceeded all my expectations, bringing a game which has fantastic story, soundtrack, game mechanics and replayability. I have spent hours and hours playing Tomb Raider and taking everything what the island had to offer. This is a franchise reboot that has set off on extremely good track and I can’t wait to play more of Tomb Raider in the future, and this is my personal Game Of The Year 2013.


This concludes my personal Top10 for 2013. I hope you will give at least one of those games a try and enjoy playing them. I sure did. 2014 is here and there are already a few titles which I am looking forward to play, but let’s see how it turns out at the end. Take it easy!