Even Though We Sleep

Stray Theories “Even Though We Sleep” Limited Edition CD Review: Deep Dive

I will admit straight away – it is not easy to write a review for an album which does not impose any clear idea as to what the song wants to communicate to the listener. The amount of space and depth that Micah Templeton-Wolfe presents us in his album “Even Though We Sleep” is immense, but is it enough to represent the top tier in the genre?

Let’s find out.


One prominent feature of the album is how fast it indulges the listener to the absolute sonic heaven starting track 1. Even though there is a definite beginning and  ending of each track in terms of musical harmony, it feels like it has been arranged to actually begin on first track and end, well, when the album itself ends, even a bit open ended. Such continuity and integrity, when properly maintained throughout the album, without any doubt creates nothing short of a story, which is up to the listener to create. It is clear that the album itself does not try to establish a dialogue with the listener. Rather, it feeds the abstract harmonic melody in the soul and leaves it up for the receiving end to create whatever they like. It is without any doubt, a great thing. As long as you set aside from the environment and commit to spend some personal time with the help of the music, great emotions will surface.

Musically speaking, there does exist a somewhat mild emotional contrast throughout the album. Mood variations are present in some tracks (Everyone Falls, Blackout ) and truly surface in a couple other ones (Even Though We Sleep, Existence). You will be taken up and down the emotional wave, but none of that is too disturbing or disorienting. Healthy oscillation between uplifting, alarming and epic feelings is there, but it never knocked me out to the point where overall integrity of the playlist would break.


Perhaps only one minor drawback of the album is that it does not explicitly close off itself to a definite conclusion. The last track, regardless whether you count the bonus one in our out, leaves the listener in vast open-ended domain without hinting a resolution to the epic journey. Taking the effort to build up entire set into consideration, I had to look for a definite conclusion of the listening experience outside the disc, namely playing tracks like “All I Know”,  “Exposure” and “Signs of Life”. It’s an absolutely minor drawback though, and overall impression of the album does remain nothing short of amazing.

Even Though We Sleep

“Even Though We Sleep” overall, does live up to the expectation with flying colors. Presenting the unique, omnipresent and lasting ambient sound through well maintained emotional journey and rejuvenating the soul and mind is what it does the best. You couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to ambient music, really.

I strongly recommend the album to anyone who likes the ambient, cinematic music genre, and I do recommend it to anyone who has yet to experience it.

Purchased copy of the album was used to write up this review. A total of 10 active listening hours have been committed before submitting the impression.


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